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KPG Home Improvement, Innovation & Investment

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At KGPhomerepairs.com is a division of KPG Investment Inc., the Trust and Confidence is our culture at large for your success! We provide Real Estate Development as well as we bring our 25 years professional Construction Management, Improvement Innovations to your home and businesses.

KPGhomerepairs.com is a home Improvement, design and build, remodeling services provider located in Silicon Valley, San Jose, California 95148. KPG innovation home improvement always provide highly innovative solutions- from small projects to larger one within actively on cost-efficiency and estimation, timeline of the project, and client budget to ensure the best results. KPG Inc. operates as both a prime/lead consultant and a subcontractor and has developed a keen, firsthand understanding of the unique demands of each role.

We have a specialist team and experiences included Architectures, General Contractors, Built Engineering, Financial Consultant, Suppliers and others sub-services providers. We are guaranty to carry your investments and ideas into the great Successful Investments.

KPGhomerepairs.com will work closely with our clients to present the specific ideas, detailed drawings from each customer’s remodeling project needs within a competitive price.

We will used CAD programs help the clients visualize the size and layout changes, the clear images, to assure a completed project that is consistent with expectations.

KPGhomerepairs.com is one of the first innovation home improvement firms to develop an integrated scheduling and document controls system, which allows clients to better track all submittals without missing anything.

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